Crawl Space Services

Out of all the areas of a home, the one area that most home owners have never seen is their crawl space.  A dark, foreboding place that very few care (or dare) to enter.  Although this area of the home is seldom looked at, it certainly should not be ignored.  Many of the most crucial elements of your home such as the foundation, plumbing , electrical components and insulation are housed here.  Not only do these elements ensure the integrity of your home, but also the condition of these elements effect the overall health of your home.  Many times the condition of the crawl space is such, that it causes serious health concerns to those living in the home.  It is crucially important to have a trained professional look at your crawl space periodically to ensure you and your homes safety.

Flooded Crawlspace or Basement

Green Choice handles hundreds of flooded crawlspaces and basements each year. The solution can be as simple as a blocked drain, or as complex as a french drain with a sump pump. Whatever solution is chosen, we guarantee all of our work for two years. That way you can rest easy, knowing that the water in your crawlspace or basement is no longer an issue.

Free Inspections

At Green Choice Home Services, we always offer free inspections of your crawl space.  Many companies charge for this service, but we offer this to you at absolutely no cost.  You can expect our clean, professional technicians to thoroughly inspect all areas of your crawl space and provide you with digital photo’s of any areas of concern.

Free Estimates

After your inspection, our technicians will provide you with a free estimate that details repairs that are needed under your home.  Our highly trained staff will offer you competitive pricing and expert service on any of the following services that we specialize in:

*French Drains

*Insulation Removal/ Replacement

*Sump Pump Installation

*Vapor Barrier Removal/ Installation

*Minor Construction

*Duct Repair/ Installation

*Pest Control Services

Washington contractor’s license GREENCC903BN. Oregon CCB 191003.